Alternative Way In Teaching Catechesis

What is Alternative Way in teaching Catechesis?

ALTERNATIVE WAY IN TEACHING CATECHEHESIS is a catechesis that the Catechetical Foundation of the Archdiocese of Manila (CFAM) offers as practical option to the existing formal catechetical instruction in public schools. When catechesis cannot access regular class schedule and formal classroom education in the faith in public schools, this program is an Alternative or substitute. Last school year; the following data were collected from the catechists teaching in high school.  35% of the catechists are teaching outside the classroom (lobby, stage, corridors, library, etc) and 65% are teaching inside the classroom, however, 88% of these were done during vacant period, unholy hour and lunchtime where the students are not on their best state for learning and most of the time arrived very late. Because of this, 80% of our catechists are struggling to deliver ideal or standard catechesis.   

This alarming situation moved CFAM to address the issues our young people are faced with today as well as the difficulty of being given a regular schedule in some public high schools due to congested subject / class schedules. Believing that the youth are both the “hope” as well as “a great challenge” for the future life of the Church [GDC 182] and youth is an age of increasing spiritual interest and insight, of searching for authentic values and increased responsibility [NCDP 2K7 413] we dare to create opportunities for education in the faith by offering Alternative Way of teaching Catechesis. Since majority of students in Public High Schools are young Filipino Catholics they have the right to receive their education in the faith as contained in DepEd Orders 49, series of 2009 - Reiterating the Revised Rules and Regulations on the Teaching of Religion in Public Elementary/ Secondary Schools. Alternative Way of Catechesis will provide the chance to have access to education in the faith in the mode that fits their distinct situations and needs.

How does Alternative Way of Catechesis work?

•    We need to imagine innovative spaces and possibilities for prayer and communion, which are more attractive and meaningful for city dwellers. [EG 73]

•    What is called for is an evangelization capable of shedding light on these new ways of relating to God, to others and to the world around us, and inspiring essential values. [EG 74

•    Youth Catechesis must speak to their level of thinking, questioning, and searching. It must draw them into real dialogue about the fundamental questions of life to which the basic religious truths respond. Youth Catechesis could be described as directed to the youth - addressing their needs, values, and circumstances; with the youth - shared with them; by the youth - the youth themselves are engaged as active participants; and for youth - able to interpret their concerns and act as their advocate, respecting their dignity and views.

TYPES of Alternative Way of teaching Catechesis




1. Feria – “Faith Fair”

 Feria comes from a Hispanic market festival often   in observance of a religious holiday.

- This kind of catechesis is done when classroom   teaching is not possible due to school programs and activities. The catechist would ask permission if it’s possible to have their corner or space within the school premises while the program or an activity is on going. It’s not meant to hold students for long, but like in the “feria” experience – fun, engaging, learning.

- Peryahan ng Katekista “Roleta ng Panananampalataya”

- GG store [Gift of God]

- Pick Me Game – “Sacramentals”

- GulongngBuhay, Makulay

- Grace and Sin [Snakes and Ladders]

2. Faith Booth

Engaging/Accompanying students in their faith-encounter with Jesus. This is done with a careful planning of the coordinator and catechists in the area… booths are meant to be an area for faith encounter, where the young may feel at-homeness and hospitality of the catechists. It can also be an area for the youth’s creative outlet but the standing difference is that it is a place of encounter with Jesus.

- Scent of Sanctity

- “Hugot” – Wall of Freedom

- Awit ng BuhayKo

- “Quotable Qoutes”

- Dice of Life


3. The Feast Mode [Creative Liturgy]

A well prepared Eucharistic Celebration for schools without catechesis schedule but allowing celebration of the Mass ones a month or every other month or as requested by the school administration.

Note: it doesn’t mean that other masses are not well prepared. It only meant that an “extra effort” is given so that they will always be looking forward for the celebration of the Mass.

This can also be seen as a worship gathering of the youth done thru song and dance and the celebration of the Word


-Band Accompanied   [Choir]

- Animated Catechist facilitator/s and well coordination with  the priests


4. Cat-to-Go

Mobile Van

A converted Van into a mobile catechetical media – complete with sound system, multi-media teaching aids [tv, cd’s, dvd’s, posters, flyers, pamphlet, brochures, magazines, stamps of saints, sacramentals, etc]


-Story telling

- Puppetry

- Katekista Pop Group

-Blacklights theater


5.  R & R Troops

(Seminars, Symposium)

R&R refers to Recollection or Retreat Troops who would prepare and offer to schools not giving regular class schedule a recollection or retreat experience to students within the school year.

Issue-Oriented Catechesis or Thematic catechesis


By Noemi Buena