The CFAM Staff and Catechists headed by the CFAM Minister Rev. Fr. Carlo Magno Marcelo had a post observance of the Red Wednesday dedicated for the persecuted Christians all throughout the world.  It was observed last Friday of November 24 and we called that as the CFAM RED FRIDAY.


The day had started with the community’s recitation of the holy rosary and the morning prayer.  After that, Eucharistic Celebration was presided by Fr. Carlo himself.  In his homily, he shared the Catechesis given by the Pope Francis.  According to him, red symbolizes the modern day martyrs.  He emphasized that in our present time, there are persecutions that are categorized as exquisite persecution (the rampant persecuted in the lives of Christians in history and up to this time like the terrorists’ attack to Christians) and polite persecution (this is disguised as persecution in terms of modernization, race, etc. where the human freedom is violated, and even the right for objection just like in the case of not being able to refuse to assist in abortion).  In all these, the Holy Father asserted that persecution is our daily bread.  The cause of our persecution is our confession of faith.  As Christians, persecution is a normal process where we grow as witnesses of our Christian Faith.


Since the 24th Sacerdotal Anniversary of Fr. Carlo on November 30, the community greeted him after the Holy Mass.  The exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and an hour of adoration culminated that CFAM Day of Prayer which was intended for all modern day saints and heroes of Christianity.



By: Concepcion Remoroza Sanchez