Head Catechists Called To Be A Leader And A Shepherd...

On Going Formation for Head Catechists was held at Villa San Miguel last May 25 and May 26, 2016.On the first day of Formation Sir. Leo Asuncion-Coordinator in Charge of Human Resource gave a talk and facilitated the topic on Leadership in connection with the existing Norms and Policy of the Catechetical Foundation of the Archdiocese of Manila (CFAM).

The feedbacks of members to Head Catechists were distributed for reflection on the various roles of Head Catechist. Based on the feedbacks they reflected on what is their personal image of themselves as Head Catechist by dyad they shared their experiences, followed by sharing in the big group. Cross, boat and footsteps were among the images being presented.

Sir Leo gave emphasis on their leadership qualities based on their personal image as guide, bridge, coach, motivator and initiator. He connected it to their service expectation in accordance to their job description as Head Catechist as stated in the Norms and Policy of CFAM.

Sir Leo shared a very inspiring quotation by Dwight Eisenhower “In order to be a Leader a man must have their confidence.”

On the second day of Formation Miss Josefina J. Javier (Ms.Ophine) Retired Coordinator of CFAM –RPDO (Research Planning and Development Office) talked about the Head Catechist as Shepherd. Ms.Ophine quoted Cardinal ChitoTagle “A pastor living with the smell of the sheep.” Head Catechist is challenge to be like Christ in Shepherding as Jesus Christ cares for us, we must care for one another! With the qualities of a good Shepherd like patience, understanding and looking for the lost sheep, Head Catechist must acquire the values and qualities of Christ to be an effective Shepherd of their Co Catechists, to serve and not to be serve.

The Two day Formation concluded with Eucharistic Celebration, Fr. Carlo Magno Marcelo as the main presider and homilist. Fr. Carlo gave empahis on the attitude of Bartimeous the blind man from Jericho, the blind man opens his eyes of faith to Jesus. As Bartimeous followed Jesus he left his cloak, the cloak signifies leaving everything to follow Jesus. As Catechists there is a need to give up our cloak and find new way of looking at things but it can happen only if we follow Jesus to Jerusalem, as Jerusalem is a place of trials and sufferings we have to pass Jerusalem.


As Catechists what are our Jerusalem experiences?