“Let us not lose our gaze to the Lord” a good reminder by Rev. Fr. Carlo Marcelo, CFAM Minister to all catechists of the Archdiocese of Manila as they continue journeying with one another in this new school year 2019 – 2020. Following the theme “VAMONOS” of the Catechetical Foundation of the Archdiocese of Manila (CFAM) is a challenge to all where everyone is called to go with the new changes and direction of the ministry. During the thanks giving mass, Fr. Carlo quoted to all Catechist “Wag natin problemahin ang di natin problema, hayaan natin ang Diyos ang Siyang gumalaw” which is a hint that incoming changed was not that easy but everybody believed that it will lead them to a better catechetical ministry.

The big adjustment was announced after the mass presided by Fr. Carlo to all catechists and coordinators of different areas. The priest told to all that the changed will give some confusion, brings sometimes difficulty to follow and maybe experienced a so called darkness in ministry however if we learn to follow first the process, we can be at the light after the dusk. He added too that it shall be hard for all at the beginning but this would give us more convenient in the work of everybody as we go through the journey..

What is this changed that will be implemented immediately in the Catechetical Ministry of the Archdiocese of Manila? It is about the structure that will be used and to be followed by all. The first adjustment was disseminated to all in the last assembly held last March but then at the opening of the new school year, everything again was back to zero. It was called back to zero because there will be no more 10 areas led by 1 coordinator instead there will be 10 Grappolo’s divided into 3 Zones (Zone 1-3) equally. Each zones will be having a 3 or four coordinators that will collaborate in the different task such as HR Associate, Formation, Finance and Management. This changes aims for to improve the life in the ministry, the efficiency and relationship of each catechist. wherein not only one coordinator will think and plan for the goodness of each catechist in one area but there will be three or four coordinators that would join force to monitor the orderliness and growth of each member.

At the end of the announcement, Fr. Carlo reminded all catechist to do not worry about the others as he said; “Huwag mong problemahin ang iba, ano bang pakialam mo… sa halip, ang problemahin mo ay ang sumunod sa Akin” pointing to God who gives everything we have and inspirations about the new structure of the CFAM.


by Randy Fuentes