March 19, 2018 was a most awaited time for some catechists of CFAM.  It was the culminating activities for catechists undergoing Orientation and Integration Program, a program for new hired catechists distributed in 3 itineraries.


The experience was a meaningful journey happened in the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City.  The cold climate adds more meaning in the experience of the 50 young catechists travelling from Manila in 5 vans.  It was a happy drive with the CFAM Minister himself leading the group.


The first stop over was in Mount Peace where Fr. Carlo celebrated the mass on the feast of St. Joseph.  Immediately after the Mass, the group proceeded to Good Taste Restaurant for a very late lunch.  Even if it was already in the afternoon, there were still long lines in this popular food hub.  Everybody was accommodated on the 6th floor.  The food was worth the waiting though.


The group stayed at one of the cottages in Teachers’ Camp.  Sr. Gemma Dy, DM whose objective was to provide a meaningful experience of catechesis outside the classroom, facilitated the integration.  The talk focused on the level of awareness and the person of the catechists as a medium in catechesis.  The following day, the participants were instructed to actualize the learning in the different places visited by the group.  They were requested to post on Facebook their experience with pictures.


The last night of the gathering was the birthday greeting for Fr. Carlo who will celebrate his birthday on March 24 and Sr. Gemma on March 21.  It was followed by the synthesis, which was done creatively.


On the last day, the group moved to Mount Peace again for the culminating Mass.  Fr. Carlo challenged the new hired catechists to examine their relationship with their biological father as a springboard in developing intimate relationship with God the Father, a relationship that is needed in the process of knowing oneself and others.  Lunch was taken on the grounds of the retreat house whose superb landscape of flourishing grass and panoramic sceneries that are touched with blossoming plants left an awe inspiring moments to all.


Gratitude to Miss Miss Annete Angeles who is in charge of the formation took all the pains in organizing the activity and implementing it accordingly and to Mr. Art Barbadillo  who captured all the moments with his photography skills.  With these team efforts may all the catechists become more effective and relevant in their field of teaching.  To God be the glory!