The full-time catechists of the Archdiocese of Manila once again gathered for the monthly on-going formation with the CFAM Minister Fr. Carlo Magno S. Marcelo.  Since the date of the formation falls on September 8, the birthdate of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the gathering started with a creative praying of the rosary using the story of the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This was done by going around the complex of the San Carlos Seminary.  The staff prepared 5 praying stations and the praying of each mystery of the rosary was introduced by reading the life story of Mary leading to her holy birth.  It ended at the chapel of the Lay Formation Center where the celebration of the Eucharist immediately followed. In the mass, during the offertory, 8 cakes were offered signifying the greetings of the catechists. The image of the Blessed Virgin Mary was ornamented with balloons of different colors and fresh flowers.


After the festive celebration of the Eucharist, Fr. Carlo proceeded to his talk, which was focused on the Church profile as presented by Hans Urs von Balthazar.  Fr. Carlo mentioned the following profiles to help us understand the Church.  Petrine, which is the Church of office and jurisdiction formed in the image of St. Peter. Pauline, which is the missionary Church, the Church of proclamation, formed in the image of the apostle Paul, the great preacher to the Gentiles.  Johanine, which is the Church of contemplation, formed in the image of the apostle John, who rested his head on Christ’s breast at the Last Supper, and the Jacobine, which represents the continuity between the old and the new covenant tradition and common law.  Over all these principles, the Marian principle serves as unfiying factor. It is Mary’s faith that is the determining form, interiorly offered to all being and activity within the Church.

Fr. Carlo ended his talk by challenging all catechists to lead people to encounter Christ by their very words and lives. May all people found Mary in us.