Ongoing Formation with the Minister:  To SEE (Part 2)      


The monthly ongoing formation with the minister started with the review of last month’s topic taken from the book "Let Us Dream" (The Path to a Better Future).  This book is a collection of reflections of Pope Francis as he looks and listens to the events happening around the world with the present Covid crisis. 

The second part of the talk focused on the “virus of indifference” caused by this pandemic.  The virus of indifference, according to Pope Francis is caused by existential myopia, a sickness that makes a person constantly look away.  It makes us think that there is no solution to the problem, and it is better not to feel anything at all. 

The biblical parable about Dives and Lazarus is an example of the many stories related to the virus of indifference. The rich man knows the difficult situation of the poor Lazarus' life but ignores him and does not care at all.  

On the other hand, the biblical parable of the prodigal son showed us the exact opposite as it revealed to us the love and compassion of a loving father.  The story showed us a picture of a caring father who comes out running to meet a lost son.

Fr. Carlo gave the steps to avoid the virus of indifference. 

First, allow ourselves to ask these questions:

What can I do?

How can I help? 

What is God asking us at this time? 

Second, ask these questions in an attentive prayer, then discern; see new possibilities and commit to small things, then we can begin for a real change. 

He emphasized that committing to small things is like living out the “Kataga ng Buhay.”  Everyone was challenged to actualize and live out the short bible passage for the month.  

In defense against the temptations of indifference, the Holy Spirit calls us to;

  1. Live in the Present;
  2. Look to the Whole;
  3. Put God before yourself.

These three will help us understand that the Holy Spirit shapes us to live the present, molds us to be in union with the Church, and empties us to give room for others. 

The minister ended by sharing video clips about the political situation in Ukraine and reminded the catechists of the message of Pope Francis that violence can only be answered with prayer and fasting. He concluded with an appeal to dedicate Ash Wednesday as a Day of Fasting for Peace in Ukraine.