“Even with the extension of the services rendered by the lay people both within and outside the Church, there is always a need for ministry of catechists, a ministry with its own characteristics. Catechists are specialists, direct witnesses and irreplaceable evangelizers”. - RM 73 -

CFAM Catechists
Catechists refer to all probationary, regular, or contractual employees, who are engaged in the apostolate of catechizing.  They are agents of religious instruction and as such are “Tagahasik ng Mabuting Balita.” They are extensions of their parish priests in their designated territory, having been commissioned to proclaim the Good News, particularly in the public schools and parishes. They are mainly responsible for the catechesis of the children, youth and adults in and out of school.

Every catechist is a believer and upholds the Catechetical Foundation of the Archdiocese of Manila vision, mission and objectives. Moreover, they are obliged to follow Archdiocesan Catechetical Ministry Norms and Policies or instruction from the ministry with full responsibility.

Volunteer Catechists
Volunteer catechists are important support groups that augment the regular work force of the catechetical ministry. They are a vital part of the Church’s life providing service otherwise unavailable or there is a scarcity of it. Their service is complimentary, out of generosity or desire to serve the Church or community. The volunteer catechist has no work contract. They express their availability to serve but are not legally obliged by law or an employer because there is no employer-employee relationship. Any assistance extended to them in any form is not considered salary. They may follow the norms and policies but are not compelled to do them. They may be eligible but are not necessarily expected to meet the requirements. The volunteer catechist serves his/her own parish unless there is a written agreement between his/her parish priest who does the screening and the parish priest where he/she is being sent on mission.

Regular and volunteer catechists are partners in mission. They have their own importance in the Catechetical Ministry. They share and contribute in the same and one service to the Church, Catechesis, but of different status. They enhance each other’s presence by working together in harmony.

Both are under the care of the Parish and have a covenant/agreement with the Church where they are working. They are under the supervision of the Head Catechist in public schools where they are assigned.

Special Assignments
Special assignments are important positions as well as opportunities for service and growth available only to regular, full-time catechists. The formation and experience received in this assignment aim to develop ministry personnel while they are performing their special task. Moreover, these formation and experience prepare them for bigger and higher responsibilities in the Church. Special assignments given to catechists will not affect their status or salary. But, allowances and incentives may be provided if needed.
Head Catechist (HC)         
An HC is a full time and regular catechist. He/She coordinates in all catechetical activities in the schools and parish. His/her workload per week includes 20 hours of teaching and another 20 hours of catechetical apostolate (coordinating function is included). The Term of Service for Special Assignment as Head Catechist is for three years (3), renewable only once, for another three (3) years. In the absence of a catechist who is qualified to assume the responsibilities of a head catechist, the term of service of the previous head catechist may be extended for another year.
Grade/Year Level Chairperson (GLC/YLC)/Catechist Team Leader
A Grade Level Chairperson is a full-time and regular catechist, who assists the Coordinator for grade school/high school in his/her supervisory functions by checking the lesson plans of catechists and assists in performing actual classroom observation. His/Her workload per week includes 15 hours of teaching, 5 hours of checking lesson plans, and another 20 hours of catechetical apostolate.
Youth Animator
A Youth Animator is a fulltime, regular catechist who ensures and monitors the implementation of youth programs in every school and parish. His/Her work load per week includes 20 hours of teaching, and another 20 hours of catechetical apostolate. He/She coordinates all catechetical activities related to youth in thier respective Diocese or Area.
Catechetical Foundation of the Archdiocese of Manila Coordinators
The Catechetical Foundation of the Archdiocese of Manila Coordinator is a consecrated, religious, or lay person appointed by the CFAM Commisioner for Catechesis in consultation with the Diocesan Catechetical Commission. He/She coordinates, administers, manages and implements the catechetical program of the CFAM/Diocese in its extent and breadth comprising all the parishes with his/her designated territory. He/She must work at least 40 hours a week, observing flexible time. She/He is responsible for giving work load to the catechists.
Catechetical Foundation of the Archdiocese of Manila (CFAM) Staff   
All non-teaching personnel of CFAM are referred to as office personnel. They work eight hours a day from Monday to Friday. They are required to uphold the CFAM Vision–mission and objectives.