Catechists’ Day 2022

It’s Catechists’ Day 2022! 

On October 24, the catechists of the Archdiocese of Manila gathered at the Layforce Chapel to be one in the celebration of this much-awaited event.  The event started with the praying of the rosary and morning praise followed by the celebration of the Holy Mass presided by Fr. Carlo, our minister with Fr. Graziano Gavioli who gave the homily on the Gospel of Luke about Martha and Mary.

In his homily Fr. Graziano started by asking three questions: 1. Who is hosting? 2. Why Martha did not ask Mary about her sister instead asked Jesus? 3. Who is your catechist?

According to Fr. Graziano, Jesus was hosted by the family of Martha wherein He was left alone because of Martha being busy preparing everything.  Then came Mary who sit at the foot of Jesus, listening.  In this case, Mary is not just hosting Jesus but she is with Jesus.  That is to say, Jesus is hosting Mary in His heart.

He added that in hospitality, nobody should be passive.  Everyone should be able to host.  Catechesis is like hospitality, nobody should be passive.  Each one should be able to teach and learn from the other.  Both catechists, children and youth should be a disciple of Jesus.

Fr. Graziano also concluded that maybe the relationship between Martha and Mary was not so smooth.  This is a sign of stress and anxiety in our service.  This is an example of a self-centered ministry because a relationship is important in serving.  True service starts with listening to the Word of God.  Mary chooses to listen to Jesus, this is why Jesus said, “Mary has chosen what is better (Luke 10: 42).”

In his story about a Moroccan, who regarded him as a true Muslim because of accepting migrants in his home like a family, he said that the Moroccan taught him that if there is love, there will be no indifference.  “That is why we need more catechists,” according to Fr. Graziano.  Fr. Graziano considers the poor, the homeless and migrants his catechists.

As we celebrate this day as Catechists’ Day, outstanding catechists were also given recognition for their continued outstanding performance for three consecutive school years.

It is fitted on this day also that we pay tribute to the retirees for their untiring self-giving for the service of evangelization.

Boses Katekista was the main event in the afternoon hosted by non-other than Fr. Carlo Magno Marcelo.  There were eight contestants representing each grappolo.  Marivic Tulio from the grappolo of Ms. Flora, Paulo Miguel Perez, grappolo of Sir Leo, Maureen Romines from Ms. Annette, Mauralyn Peñano from the grappolo of Ms. Gina, Meldy Guimbaolibot from Ms. Cindy, Maria Revelyn Nicolas representing CMM, Randy Fuentes from the grappolo of Sir Roque and Lilibeth Vicente representing the grappolo of Sr. Tess. 

The contest has two elimination rounds, the catechists being the judges of each elimination round decided over by putting on stickers on the name of their desired contestants.  Mauralyn Peῆano, Lilibeth Vicente and Randy Fuentes were the top three contenders wherein Lilibeth Vicente, a catechist from the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart won as the very first Boses Katekista while Randy Fuentes from St. John Bosco, Tondo got the first place and Mauralyn Peῆano from Sta. Clara de Montefalco won second place.

Meanwhile, Sir Eduardo Frando shared their experience on their trip to Rome as delegates at the 3rd International Congress on Catechesis.

Finally, the program was concluded by a renewal of commitment.

Overall, it has been a day of fun and excitement as we wish everyone a Happy Catechists’ Day.