Last December 29, 2022, around 2 am, a fire razed a residential compound along Arlegui Street in Quiapo, Manila.  Six persons died while four others were hurt in a fire that gutted more than 50 houses and rendered 500 families homeless. Unfortunately, 2 of our students who are twins are among those who died in the fire, and a majority of the families that were affected are of our students.

To show solidarity in the grief being experienced by these people, the catechists of the Vicariate of San Jose de Trozo and Our Lady of Loreto organized a de-briefing session which was done last January 24, 2023, at the Minor Basilica of San Sebastian.  Twenty-two families were invited and a total of 40 individuals, including children, came.


The program started with a prayer, followed by dances, singing, and games. The heartbreaking sharing was the highlight of the activity. The participants mentioned that what was done in the program helped to relieve a little of their pain and hopelessness.




The catechists were very grateful to all those who extended assistance to make this activity possible. Aside from the de-briefing activities given, the families were able to bring home cash, food packs, toiletries, and other stuff. Breakfast, snacks, and lunch were also provided.




This community outreach program is the very first activity organized by these two vicariates and will not be the last.  Aside from uplifting, giving support, and helping those who are in need and deprived of certain services and rights, this is also a way for the catechists to actualize the learning and the sharing being done from the “Kataga ng Buhay”, an actualization of the faith being shared and explained to other people.