MAY 29, 2024
The Catechetical Foundation of the Archdiocese of Manila closed the Academic Year 2023-2024 with a “Thanksgiving Day” celebration to express gratitude to God as a community, celebrate together and foster camaraderie before they embark on a well-deserved summer vacation.
The day began with the recitation of the Holy Rosary and the offering of flowers to the Virgin Mary as part of the traditional “Flores de Maria” celebration during the month of May. A creative Morning Prayer activity called “Prayer for direction” followed. The prayer uses body and hand movements as the community faces different directions and expresses various intentions during prayer.
The highlight of the gathering is the celebration of the Holy Eucharist presided by the acting minister, Fr. Kim Joshua Bibon. It was a memorable and sentimental celebration since it was also the farewell mass of Fr. Kim as he fulfilled his temporary assignment. 
In his homily, Fr. Kim emphasized the importance of true love for Jesus and encouraged them to stay hopeful and valued, even when feeling down and tired. He led the catechists to self-reflection and recognize the graces and blessings of God in their lives that helped them overcome daily challenges, assuring them that God will never abandon them in their sufferings. He encouraged them to pause and acknowledge the abundance of blessings showered upon them throughout the school year. To show gratitude to God and recognize that despite their human weaknesses, they are called and chosen as catechists, and entrusted with the noble task of spreading the teachings of Christ.
After the Eucharistic Celebration, the community had a simple program to express their heartfelt appreciation to Fr. Kim who graciously guided and led CFAM as the acting Minister for almost four months. The catechists from Manila and Makati Area, the CMM, and CFAM Staff prepared a special presentation and a thoughtful gift, symbolizing their gratitude for Fr. Kim.
The gathering ended with a meal, where the catechists enjoyed delicious food and celebrated together. The atmosphere was festive, and the catechists had a great time together, grateful for the accomplishments, handwork, gifts, and blessings of another school year.